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Zestoa Spa

Out of the many spas that existed in Gipuzkoa at the beginning of the 20th-century, after 200 years, Zestoa is the only establishment that is still in operation. According to legend, the therapeutic value of the waters of Zestoa was discovered in 1760 by the Marchioness of San Millán.

When the Marchioness was strolling through the nearby meadows her dogs which were suffering from scabies went for a swim in a hot water well and they got cured immediately. Knowing the water properties, it was declared to be of Public Utility in 1792 and thus the Cestona Spa was born in 1804. In its origins it was called Gesalaga, which in Basque language means "salty water site", a name with which the country house present next to the spring waters was known as. The present neoclassical building was built in 1893 and rebuilt a century later after the floods in 1983.

Since then, the spa is equipped with the most modern facilities and hydrotherapy techniques: hydro-gym (water jets and air pressure), thermal multijet pool, strong therapies pool (air jets and deep), saunas, fitness centre, pool with water beds and water seats (with microbubbles and underwater massage stations), solarium, Turkish bath, water jets, Parafango section for local use, as well as hydropinic cure: two hot springs, one for the kidney and another for the liver, this water can only be taken under medical prescription.

The hotel has 130 rooms (single, double and suites) distributed over three floors. The large dining room has a surface area of 520 square meters with space for 550 guests. It also has a modernist style hunting lounge, an Arabic dining room, the main dining room and a coffee shop The building is surrounded by beautiful gardens which help you relax. In short, an ideal place to regain health or relax and unwind.

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