The Lili Palace of Zestoa is a wonderful example of medieval architecture and is one of the most important points of the valley's history. The Lili family lived here who were owners of many lands and country houses in the area which provided them with substantial income. Their wealth coming from the production of iron and wood was shown as a sign of their social position. The Lili House, Errotatxo and Errotazar mills, and ironworks make up the monumental site of Lili Palace comprising two interconnected buildings: the Lili Palace and Lili-Bea. It has been recently renovated. The palace and its history can be seen through the play ('Agur, Lili') which is performed on every weekend. In this, the last resident of the palace, André Madalen shows us all the rooms and places of the monument. To enjoy the visit it is advisable to book in advance and buy tickets at the Ekainberri office which is located in the centre of Zestoa.

Opening hours:

September to June:

  • Saturday: 11:30, 12:30, 16:30, 17:30
  • Sunday: 16:30 eta 17:30


3 €


Additional Info

  • Adress: Ekainberriko bulegoa: Portale kalea, 9. Zestoa
  • Telephone: 943 868811
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