Parish Church of San Pedro

The oldest building in Beizama was built in different phases between the 16th and 17th-centuries.
It is of renaissance style and it has a doorway from the classic period and Gothic elements.

Hermitage of San Telmo

Located on the Itzurun beach over a cliff shaped by the Flysch, this small hermitage is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors.

Parish Church of San Sebastián de Soreasu

Probably of Templar origin, it was renovated in the 16th-century and rebuilt in the 18th-century. It preserves the font which was used to baptise San Ignacio.

Ubillos Palace

It was in the 16th-century when a central body with a square courtyard in typical renaissance style were added to the old tower of the house of Ubillos family. In addition to the right tower, a big entrance and balconies were also added thus it lost the defensive and military look it had in the past.

Zestoa city wall gates

Since it was founded in the 14th-century, Zestoa was surrounded by walls. Today we can see one of the original gates that served as entry to the town called San José (earlier know as Arretxea) and a second rebuilt gate called Inmaculada.

Zumaia Palace

The house of Zumaia-Ganboa family was built in the 15th-century. This family was the leader amongst the towns richest people and was one of the 24 Older Relatives of Gipuzkoa.

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