Church of Nuestra Señora de Arritokieta

It is located in the town which worships the patron saint of Zumaya. It features a 16th-century image of the virgin placed on a 17th-century altarpiece with a 16th-century Spanish-Flemish triptych in the centre.

Olazabal House-Palace

It is a 17th-century building which features a main façade built from sandstone having two big coats of arms ordered to be built by Juan de Olazbal, secretary to Felipe IV and accountant general of the Supreme Council of the Inquisition.

San Pedro Parish Church

An imposing building with a look of a fortress built on a small hill. It was built after the town was founded in 1347 and it is of Gothic style with a single nave.

Hermitage of San Telmo

Located on the Itzurun beach over a cliff shaped by the Flysch, this small hermitage is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors.

Ubillos Palace

It was in the 16th-century when a central body with a square courtyard in typical renaissance style were added to the old tower of the house of Ubillos family. In addition to the right tower, a big entrance and balconies were also added thus it lost the defensive and military look it had in the past.

Zumaia Palace

The house of Zumaia-Ganboa family was built in the 15th-century. This family was the leader amongst the towns richest people and was one of the 24 Older Relatives of Gipuzkoa.

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