Jorge Oteiza Pelota Courts

Azkoitia, an adoptive town of the universal artist it has an exceptional vanguard architecture ensemble. By combining the ideas of Jorge Oteiza with the pelotazale tradition of the town these magnificent spaces have been built. A work inspired directly by Oteiza himself and designed by architect Carlos Ceballos and sculptor Antton Mendizabal.

The ensemble consists of six pelota courts (Gipuzkoa, Lapurdi, Baxenabarre, Bizkaia, Nafarroa and Araba) that symbolise the seven Historical Territories of Euskal Herria and as well are related to the different modes of the pelota game. All of them form a giant sculpture and once get inside, we can feel the spaces and play with them as Oteiza himself did so. Attractive and practical, this symbolic space entices us to enter and use it.

FaLang translation system by Faboba