The great enigma

Discover the main features of one of the most unknown cultures and languages of Europe.

Are you ready to know one of the most ancestral cultures in Europe? And what about learning the basic words in "Euskera", one of the oldest languages on the continent?

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The octopus of the Flysch

The star of Zumaia's wave-cut platform and local cuisine.

We'll immerse ourselves in the Geopark's cliffs and trails to discover ancient fishing techniques and the culinary tradition linked to the octopus of the flysch, a mollusc which has become emblematic of this fascinating natural environment. And for the perfect ending to an unforgettable experience, we'll sample a good pintxo and a glass of txakoli.

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The Abrasion Platform

Discover the life and colour of the flysch.

This fascinating biology tour can only be made when there is a very low tide. Let our experts guide you in your discovery of an enormous variety of species, and learn how they have adapted to live in the complex ecosystem of the abrasion platform at the foot of the cliffs. Here you will find starfish, octopuses, sea cucumbers, hares and much more. A whole world of life and colour at your fingertips.

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Geological tour

The geological sanctuary of the Geopark. The extinction of the dinosaurs and much more. On foot and by boat.

This walking tour and boat trip reveals the secrets of one of the greatest geological sanctuaries in the world. Enter the world of the geologist, guided by one of our experts, and learn how to recognise events in the rock, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs or major climate change. The tour begins at the Algorri Centre with a walk along the cliffs, then it's all aboard for a boat trip to contemplate their true magnificence from a different angle.

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From Zumaia to Deba by boat

A sea crossing past the cliffs of the flysch.

Voyage in boat from Zumaia to Deba, where the guided visit ends. We’ll admire the beauty of the flysch cliffs with a history of more than 50 million years, large landslides more than 100 metres high, hidden coves and one of the largest tidal flats in Europe. This is an excellent option for peacefully visiting two of the towns in the Basque Coast Geopark.

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Essential flysch

Take a boat trip to discover this great record of the Earth from the sea.

A fascinating boat trip that will allow us to discover the coastal flysch between Zumaia and Deba which holds millions of years of geological history in astonishing cliffs carved by the sea. This beautiful and singular landscape also hides one of the richest ecosystem in the Basque Coast, with a unique biodiversity that can not be seen in other parts of this territory.

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